ARCHIVED RACE: The Viper Series @ Delamere Forest, Cheshire, United Kingdom on 28 March 2015


The Viper Series is 3 Trail Running Races in one! Viper 3.0 (3 hours), Viper 6.0 (6 hours) & Viper 9.0 (9 hours).

Viper 3.0 is a solo or team of 2 event with the aim to complete as many 5km laps as possible in 3 hours around our venomous trail! Every team must have […]

ARCHIVED RACE: Hell Up North @ Delamere Forest, Cheshire, UK, on 03 November 2012


The Brooks HellRunner is over multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions. There will be everything from running tracks and trails to water-filled areas and plenty of steep hills. Expect to get very wet! It will be nature at its toughest. The course will be marked but do not expect to see mile or kilometre markers (that’s […]