Alanya Ultra Trail @ Alanya, Antalya, Antalya-Mediterranean, Turkey on 28 March 2020

Alanya Ultra Trail is an international trail run extending from tradition to future. It is suitable for every runner to enjoy every moment on the track of Yuruks to the peak of Taurus.

Alanya Ultra Trail is a sports organization with cultural and historical traces. The organization contains 72 km long Alanya Ultra Trail, 48 […]

Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail @ Cappadocia, Nevsehir,Ürgüp, Cappadocia Region, Turkey on 17 October 2020

An Ultra-Trail World Tour® event, passing through high plateaus and valleys of Cappadocia to run it from one side to the other! Explore the heart of Cappadocia by running along natural towers, fairy chimneys and high hills dominating the landscape. There are 3 different races: Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail-119 km,3730 m+ Salomon Cappadocia Medium Trail- […]