Bray 10km Cliff Run @ , Bray, Bray, Ireland on 06 April 2019

NO ORDINARY 10KM RUN…THIS IS WAY BETTER! 10KM COURSE ALONG THE CLIFF TOPS Run from Greystones Beach to Bray Promenade via the coastal path around Bray Head with endless views of Dublin Bay and no traffic EVENING RUN This is not an ordinary 10km run, this is an evening run against the backdrop of the […]

Bray 10km Cliff Run @ Greystones Beach, Bray, Ireland on 31 March 2018


TAKE IN THE SPECTACULAR CLIFF TOP VIEWS OVER DUBLIN BAY BATHED IN THE EVENING APRIL SUN! THE PERFECT RACE TO KICK START YOUR SEASON. 10KM COURSE ALONG A COASTAL PATH The route starts with a run along Greystones beach then on to the start on the cliff path. The land drops off below you to […]