ARCHIVED RACE: PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon & 5K Trail Run Challenge Lakeway @ Lakeway City Park, Austin, TX, United States on 24 April 2022

Race Info & Description

Race Information:

  • Event Name: PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon & 5K Trail Run Challenge Lakeway
  • Date: 24 April 2022
  • Start Time: 07:00 am
  • Venue: Lakeway City Park
  • Organised By: Swim Bike Run Fun Events
  • Race Website: Click Here.

Race Facilities

  • Has Toilets? Yes
  • Has Changing Facilities? No
  • Has Water Stations? Yes - Multiple Water Stations
  • Has Prizes / Awards? No

Race Description

PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon Multisport Trail Running Event
Be Bold Say Yes to Adventure
Want to feel free, strong, connected with nature and challenged? Ready to put those cycling, running, walking and hiking skills you picked up during covid to test? We have great news! We are offering you an opportunity to come have some fit fun with friends. PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon is a new women’s multisport race for female runners, cyclists, triathletes and duathletes in Central Texas. You can raise your hand as a multisport champion by participating in the event, which combines running and cycling into a single race.

PinkStrong Duathlon & Trail Running Festival: Unleash Your Potential
Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned cyclist, if you compete in marathons, if you just picked up your bike for the first time in decades during Covid, or if you’re a seasoned triathlete looking to relive the thrilling, adrenaline-filled moments of short-course racing, this event will undoubtedly help you obtain the best benefits for your specific fit competitive athletic needs.

A duathlon will put your fitness to test by combining running and cycling into one race.

Are You Ready to Do the DU?
The PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon multisport race begins with athletes charging BOLDY up the Lakeway PinkStrong Hill, which leads to a 1.5 mile run on the trail. You will then transition onto the bike and cycle approximately 10 miles on a two loop course with fast flats and punchy short rolling hills, returning to the park you will then move on to complete your final run leg of 2.5 miles.

Are You More of a Trail Runner?
The PinkStrong 5K Trail Challenger course has been designed to be adventurous, with gravel, pavement, butterflies gardens, nestled brooks, bumpy hills, secret shady pathways, and grass. Prepare for rocky climbs and fast descents on all surfaces.

Venue Details
The PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon Trail Running Festival will take place at Lakeway City Park on n April 24, 2022, and will be the first of three PinkStrong multisport events in 2022. Register today to receive amazing prizes and awards such as race shirts, athlete bags, post-race snacks, certificates, photos, finisher medals, and more!

Don’t miss your chance to unleash your inner badass at this event. You’ll have a fascinating experience exploring the captivating and beautiful scenery of Lakeway eclectic home, Lake Travis, Marina Views and well maintained City Park trails as you run and cycle your way to the finish line of the PinkStrong Duathlon & Trail Run.

Explore the Fit Fun Together!
What’s more, you experience a boost of confidence as you surround yourself with other strong and energetic women like you. The whole event feels like an amazing opportunity where you can connect deeply with others, with nature, and most importantly, with your own body. You aim to get inspired and be inspired by the different positive influences the event provides for you.

Sign up for the PinkStrong Duathlon & 5K Trail Run Today!
Don’t let your spark go undiscovered. As a part of our mission to introduce more women to multisport and assist triathletes who are returning to racing, we want to help you unleash your potential and celebrate your talent.

Sign up for the PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon & 5K Trail Run and you’ll receive complimentary training plans. We can help get you stronger, train smart and win on race day with our Duathlon and 5K easy to follow training plans. Together, we can build ourselves and others healthier and stronger as we strive for a common goal on race day!

Sign up for the PinkStrong Duathlon and Get Amazing Benefits.

Chucks & Pearls Past Participants Notification
For those of you who participated in the Chucks & Pearls Duathlon & Trail Run 2021, we have rebranded, remixed, and renamed it PinkStrong. We invite all past race participants to join us on this new course at this new location, and they will receive a special gift.

Course Maps
Subject to Change. Preliminary Maps and routes shown to illustrate the best potential race course layout based on ideal conditions.

Run Leg #1 –

Bike Route –

Run Leg #2 –

5K Trail Run –

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