ARCHIVED RACE: Yorkshire Terrier 10K and 5K @ Newburgh Priory, York, North Yorkshire, 10th March 2012

Race Info & Description

Race Information:

  • Event Name: Yorkshire Terriers
  • Distance (KMs): 5KMS and 10KMS
  • Date: 10 March 2012
  • Start Time: 14:00
  • Venue: Newburgh Priory
  • Best Time (Men): 00:00.00
  • Best Time (Women): 00:00.00
  • Organised By: Rat Race Events
  • Race Website: Click Here.

Race Facilities

  • Has Toilets? Yes
  • Has Changing Facilities? Yes
  • Has Water Stations? Yes
  • Has Prizes / Awards? Yes

Race Description

Ecky Thump. We’ve reet gone and done it now – it’s time for a brand new adventure in the deepest recesses of God’s country – a straight-talkin’, no nonsense, down right best in’t business running challenge. That goes into the dark. Trouble at mill wethinks.

Our newest addition to the Notorious series comes from the centre of the World as we know it – Yorkshire. Doth thy flat cap and bathe yourself in glory at the Yorkshire Terrier – our muckiest romp yet and a stunning new entry on our Rat Race Notorious night running calendar.

As ever, fancy dress is positively encouraged and jubilantly embraced. Pack a flat cap or two and don’t forget to reminisce of Yesteryear’s halcyon Yorkshire glory days – think mucky miners, flamboyant farmers, ruddy brewers and industrial sights n’ sounds. You’ll need your traction engine on you for this challenge however so make sure you dress accordingly – it is March in the North after all – it could get a bit brass monkeys. And speaking of animals, Ferrets are welcome at this event. Just make sure they’re not down your trousers while tackling yon obstacles, Lad.

Now, before anyone writes to complain to their MP about this heinous Yorkshire-bating, we’re from Yorkshire and we’re having a laugh at our own expense for this one. The event is right on our doorstep (the Rat Race crew are based on York) so we look forward to welcoming to all to up yonder and having a reet mucky romp in’t woods with you. Ahem. Anyroad, you get the picture. We’ll be laying on a bit of a spread too – as with all the Notorious events – the party is as notorious as the course. Enjoy our fantastic real ales and local fare from some of Yorkshire’s finest caterers. Plus a cracking camp-site to boot in the grounds of beautiful and historic Newburgh Priory.

Whether you sign up to the daylight 5k (and the rest) or the torchlit 10k (and then some), you’ll be pitting yourself against the (egde) of the North York Moors: You can see famous Sutton Bank’s white horse from our base in the gently rolling Howardian Hills. York is only 10 miles south; and the vast expanse of moorland is to the north and east.

For the 10k, don’t forget your head torch: we guarantee you’ll need it.
The Yorkshire Terrier 5k (and the rest) – A day-lit dalliance

Starting at 1400pm, our 5k run is still a genuine test, but it’s roughly half the distance and runs in daylight, so caters to those newer to off-road running, or wanting to “test the water”. Using sections of the 10k course from start to finish, it’s got all the fun, but less of the physicality, with the added bonus of being able to see where you’re going!

The 5k route features a well-signposted drink station approx halfway.

Run duration between 40mins and 1.5 hours.

The Yorkshire Terrier 10k (and then some) – A torchlit trial

Starting at 1730pm*, the Terrier 10k is the one to go for if you want the full nocturnal badge of honour. We give you all the features of the 5k, but send you further afield into the disorienting darkness!

Further, higher, steeper, wetter and wilder and don’t forget the headtorch – you’ll need it to overcome all the natural and manmade obstacles the course will throw at you.

The 10k route features two well-sign posted drink stations.

Run duration between 60 minutes and 3 hours. Be prepared!

*Start times may be adjusted forwards or back depending on light levels. Aim to be ready 30mins beforehand, in case of a very overcast day.

The Terrier Afterparty

These events are all about feel-good. And when you’ve given it your all, you will want to let your hair down. So we’ve laid on some Yorkshire hospitality for you: A beer tent crammed full of real ale (and some amusing fruit-based drinks) and some classic Yorkshire grub to warm the cockles, plus some local bands to add to the party. A free camping village rounds off the proceedings as we invite you to kick back, get a jar or two in you, listen to some reet good tunes and then hit the hay, content in the knowledge that you have taken on the Terrier.

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