ARCHIVED RACE: Rebel Race: Tri-State 5k & 15k mud run @ Manchester, NJ, USA, Saturday April 14, 2012

The Rebel Race Series is designed for people feeling the urge to tackle intense obstacles. From start to finish, Rebel Race’s military style obstacles will have you dashing, barricade-climbing, mud-crawling, rope-swinging and fire-jumping. You don’t want to miss the ninja turtle tunnels and relive the glory days! Cross the finish line and bask in the […]

ARCHIVED RACE: Rebel Race: Austin 5k & 15k Mud Run @ Smithville, TX, USA, June 9th, 2012


Are you sick of the same routine every week?

Unleash your inner rebel: ditch the coat and tie and free yourself from the daily grind.

Rebel Race is a weekend get-away for athletes that want to run a military style 5k or 15k and then party like there’s no tomorrow! — it’s the most adrenaline […]