ARCHIVED RACE: Cheddar Gorge Omium @ Warren Farm, Charterhouse, Somerset, United Kingdom on 11 June 2022

Unique four event challenge. Everyone runs a 1km, Hill Climb, 100m and a choice of long distance 6km or 10km.

Points based on finish position, rather than finish time, lowest score finishes first over all.

A great fun afternoon at the top of Cheddar Gorge, friendly competition where friends are made for life.


ARCHIVED RACE: Olympus Mythical Trail @ Litochoro, Pieria, Greece on 02 July 2016

Olympus Mythical Trail

“Olympus Mythical Trail” is a 100K mountain-trail race that is taking place on Mount Olympus, Greece, the famous “Mountain of Gods”. The race applies to experienced athletes, as it requires advanced skills due to its high difficulty grade. The route spreads out in a 103K distance and covers totally 7200 meters of elevation gain. The […]