Run for CDH1 – 2021 @ PO Box 621, Saint Ignace, MI, United States on 03 September 2021

Race Info & Description

Race Information:

  • Event Name: Run for CDH1 - 2021
  • Date: 03 September 2021
  • Start Time: 07:00 am
  • Venue: PO Box 621
  • Organised By: Amy Gustafson - CDH1 Fundraiser
  • Race Website: Click Here.

Race Facilities

  • Has Toilets? No
  • Has Changing Facilities? No
  • Has Water Stations? No
  • Has Prizes / Awards? No

Race Description

We are back with 2021 Virtual Races to spread awareness about the options in genetic testing and how it can SAVE LIVES. You can run/walk your race anytime and anywhere. You could bike, roll or do a pub crawl. Honestly you can sign up and do nothing, totally up to you. Here is why I have a calling to do this.

Hi, My name is Amy, and I tested positive for the CHD1 gene, which causes stomach and breast cancer. In the process of getting ready for a total gastrectomy and double mastectomy we discovered that I actually already had breast cancer. (An undetectable type that would not otherwise have been discovered, even with my yearly mammograms and breast exams etc.) After a lumpectomy, a gastrectomy, double mastectomies, and removal of additional lymph nodes removed, it was confirmed the cancer had spread. I then underwent Chemotherapy followed by Radiation.

One of my sisters also has CDH1, hers was caught earlier than mine. Thanks Sis for PAYING ATTENTION to our family history. I have since had a cousin test positive as well, This is what is driving my mission. If I had know genetic testing was a simple option a couple of years earlier, my journey would have been quite different and we could have caught things before they spread. Worse yet, a couple more years without the findings I likely would not be here typing this at all.

I have been a runner for quite a few years now. Running and Walking has always been like therapy for me. I have since had to have knee surgery (turn out from a birth defect-who knew?) and so now my goal is to be able to run or walk anything by Labor Day.

Last year we were able to raise $6,500 to donate to Mackinac Straits Health Foundation and No Stomach for Cancer.

All proceeds from these races will benefit Genetic Testing Awareness, Cancer Research, Patient Assistance, U of M Rogel Cancer Center, and No Stomach for Cancer and potentially SAVE LIVES!

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