RUBICON RACE @ Credit Island, Davenport, Iowa, United States on 23 May 2015

Race Info & Description

Race Information:

  • Event Name: RUBICON RACE
  • Distance (KMs): 5k
  • Distance (Miles): 3.5
  • Date: 23 May 2015
  • Start Time: 08:00
  • Venue: Credit Island
  • Best Time (Men): NA
  • Best Time (Women): NA
  • Organised By: Awesomeblast
  • Race Website: Click Here.

Race Facilities

  • Has Toilets? Yes
  • Has Changing Facilities? Yes
  • Has Water Stations? Yes - Multiple Water Stations
  • Has Prizes / Awards? Yes - Has Awards or Prizes

Race Description

The RUBICON RACE is an obstacle course race that is designed for every athletic condition in mind with the goal of perpetual improvement no matter where you’re at in your conditioning. It’s for the couch potato as well as the hardcore OCR adventure seeker. There are levels of difficulty to choose from; the more levels you choose to do, the more difficult it gets. Everyone’s experience will be different.

There are 20 obstacles to navigate and the constructed ones are of superior quality and durability.

There are 21 different levels to experience throughout the RUBICON RACE series.

Rubicon Cruse. This is for people that want to be part of something awesome, but may not be ready for the full challenge yet. There will be a marked track that circles the outside of the main obstacle course up to the finish line. Walk, jog or run 4 laps around the track and you will have completed the RUBICON CRUSE. See and obstacle you want to try? Sure, but keep all the way to the left so you don’t block the other runners. The purpose of the Rubicon Cruse is to expose you to what this race is all about without you having to jump in head first. If you feel like you want to attempt Level 1, simply go to the registration tent and register for Level 1.

Level 1. 2 laps through the obstacle course, the mile run at the end and make it to the finish line. Sound simple? LOL! Go to the RUBICON RACE website and read what you’re really going to be facing. Here’s a hint; other races may have zombies and gladiators, we have Head Hunters that will be after you all over the course . . . well not on the obstacles obviously.

Levels 2 – 20. Level 2 = 4 laps, Level 3 = 6 laps, Level 4 = 8 laps, Level 5 = 10 laps. . . get where we’re going with this? Once you pass level 6, plan on being on the course for a good part of the day. (see website)
NOTE: You must complete one level to proceed to the next. Example: You must complete level 1 to proceed to level 2. Complete level 2 to proceed to level 3 and so on. So if you register to run levels 1, 2 and 3 in one day, you will be running 12 laps in all. This will take you a while so please plan accordingly.

ICON levels. It’s the same as regular levels except you will be required to “Atlas” the “Feats of Strength” section (see website) on every lap and complete the burpie mile. (see website)

The goal of RUBICON RACE is for you to progress to the next level; the next level in fitness, determination, strength and speed.

Check out our website, get pumped and get registered. Register early to get the times you want and before it’s sold out. CARPE DIEM!!
Our Mission is to provide the best experience for every participant as possible.

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