Backyard Ultra – Horizontes @ Proença a Nova, Castelo Branco, Portugal on 29 April 2023

Fixed circuit of 6,706 meters and approximately 152D+. The idea is that by the twenty-fourth hour of racing, the active participants will have completed 160.9km, the mythical 100 miles.

Portugal record: 36 laps

Oh Meu Deus @ Seia, Castelo Branco, Portugal on 09 June 2023

“Oh meus deus” has several races with diferent distances and altitudes: OMD20 (26,8km, 1770 D+) OMD50 (55KM – 2960 D+, in 11h – Long trail) OMD100 (100KM – 5240 D+, in 26h – Ultra XL Trail) OMD160 (166KM – 7390 D+ , in 44h – Ultra XL Trail) OMD200 (160+40 – 8980 D+, in 44h […]

PT281 @ Belmonte, Castelo Branco, Portugal on 20 July 2023

PT281 Ultramarathon is a race of extreme difficulty, due to its mountain characteristics (D+ 6,776 meters / D- 6,900 meters) and intense/dry heat (40º C), placing it somewhere between Badwater (USA) and BR135+ (Brazil). The course is made in a continuous way, for more than 280 km, on a self-sufficient basis and with a time […]

Terra De Gigantes @ Seia, Castelo Branco, Portugal on 19 January 2023

TERRA DE GIGANTES (Land of Giants) is an ultramarathon with a maximum time for completion of 74 hours. The 303km and the 11 220 of D+, of the course must be run in self-sufficiency between the support bases stipulated by the organization and guided only by GPS. Linear route with departure from the highest point […]