Rat Race Santorini Circuit 2023 @ Santorini, Santorini, Santorini, Greece on 06 October 2023

An utterly spectacular 50km circuit of the entire volcanic rim of the world-famous ‘Sunken Caldera’ of Santorini by foot and kayak.

Psiloritis Race @ Nida, Psiloritis Mountain, Rethymno, Crete, Greece on 03 June 2018

The International Mountain Race Psiloritis, except the uniqueness of Crete, is offering a unique mountain endurance sporting experience and adventure. It aims to attract Greek and foreign athletes who dedicate themselves to mountain running and give them the opportunity to experience a unique struggle of six (6) hours and thirty (30) minutes in touch with […]

Olympus Mythical Trail @ Litochoro, Pieria, Greece on 02 July 2016

Olympus Mythical Trail

“Olympus Mythical Trail” is a 100K mountain-trail race that is taking place on Mount Olympus, Greece, the famous “Mountain of Gods”. The race applies to experienced athletes, as it requires advanced skills due to its high difficulty grade. The route spreads out in a 103K distance and covers totally 7200 meters of elevation gain. The […]

Euchidios athlos (Euchidas 107,5 ) @ Plataea, Sterea Hellas, Greece on 09 May 2015

Historical ultra road midnight race. The athletes run from Plataea to Delphi, the same route as Euchidios hyper athlos. So they will finish all togrther in Delphi., one of the most beautiful areas fo the world. There will be 19 check points full supply, and 6 water points. Also there are many facillitys as transportation, […]

Euchidios hyper athlos (Euchidas 215) @ Delphi, Sterea Hellas, Greece on 08 May 2015

Euchidios hyper athlos is an historical ultra race very good organized and very popular in Grece. The race starts from tDelphi a unique archaeological area, ” the center of earth” , to Plataea, another Historical place, and back to Delphi.The athletes run 107,5 +107,5 klm. fronDelphi to Plataea and back. The hellenic character of the […]

Kassios Dias Trail Running Half-Marathon @ Kassiopi, Corfu, Corfu, Greece on 10 May 2015


The main features of the course is that, it runs alongside the coastal area of the region through the pure and unspoilt natural environment or our own ecosystem, Erimitis, which is abundant in flora and fauna, rare and distinct in this area only, there are three lakes (home to the otter Lutra Lutra) and remote […]

Roads to Rhodes Marathon @ Rhodes Island, Greece on 12 October 2014

Rhodes Marathon ConceptsR2

Join us for the inaugural Roads to Rhodes Marathon and experience all the ancient and medieval history of the island and the old town as we run through the moat along with the spectacular views of the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, runners […]

Exomeria Trail Race @ village of Pyrgos, Tinos, Pyrgos Tinos Island, Tinos Island at the Aegean Sea, Greece on 14 September 2014


The chance to meet new places, sightings but also to confront new challenges will be given to the athletes who will participate in the Exomeria Trailrace in September 14th 2014. Such an event will be taking place for the first time on the island of Tinos and more specifically on the village of Pyrgos, which […]