Rat Race Trans Andean Coast tp Coast 2023 @ Santiago, Chile, Santiago, Chile, Santiago, Chile, Chile on 15 January 2023

Make a genuine coast to coast journey across the entire continent of South America from the Pacific to the Atlantic, linking 2 fantastic cities and 2 fantastic countries – Valparaiso in Chile and Buenos Aires in Argentina. Our route climbs from sea level and traverses the high passes of the dramatic Andes mountain range, lifting […]

Rat Race Patagonia: Glacier to Glacier 2023 @ Argentina, El Calafate, Argentina, Argentina on 24 November 2023

Patagonia is one of those Dream destinations that is worthy of every adventurer’s Bucket List. Towering mountains form the backdrop to huge glaciers calving off into stunning lakes, interspersed with forest, alpine meadows, steppe and other uniquely Patagonian flora and fauna. This is a huge canvas on which we have painted an extraordinary adventure, taking […]